Safari bedroom decorating ideas

african safari bedroom decor

Safari bedroom decor

Earth tones and colors inspired by nature, from its land to its animals, provide a fitting base for your safari decorating theme. Look for solids and prints in neutrals like ivory, raffia, buff, khaki, tawny, sienna, light to dark browns, charcoal, ebony and black. Nature-based shades of green also enhance the safari atmosphere. For a warmer look, choose hues that call to mind savannah sunrises: yellow, gold, burnt orange, red, rust and umber.

Animal print bedding instantly gives a safari mood to your bedroom. If you want a safari look but are hesitant to try a striking pattern, consider a smaller-scale animal print blended with other designs, or a subtle pattern in a tonal palette. Animal print sheets and throw pillows are fun ways to give a touch of the wild to your safari bedding ensemble. If you have many animal prints already in your room, choose solid color sheets and pillows to offset the eye-catching patterns. Complete your bedroom decor with appropriate wall art in your chosen theme or a mirror with safari style.

Furnishings in warm, earthy hues or dark finishes are well-suited to safari living room decor. Handcrafted furniture and furnishings with a slightly rustic appearance will add character to your decor. Look for pieces with woven rattan or bamboo accents. Furnishings featuring animal print upholstery can work well as statement pieces, depending on the colors and size of the pattern.

African safari bedroom decorating ideas

Animal prints are a staple of safari decorating. Popular safari animal prints include leopard, cheetah, tiger, zebra, giraffe and crocodile. Feel free to mix and match prints for a casual, eclectic ambience with interesting contrasts; however, keep in mind that too many prints can lead to a cluttered look. The size of your room is also key; smaller rooms necessitate careful use of bold patterns that might overwhelm the space. Sheer animal print window treatments are a great way to enhance a safari theme while keeping a light feel. Allow your safari decor to “breathe” by balancing animal prints with live or faux greenery, solid colors, open spaces and simple lines. You can also incorporate animal flair into your safari theme with animal wall art, figurines, sculptures and decorative masks. Elephants, zebras and wild cats will be right at home in your safari decor.

safari themed bedroom decor

Give your home decor an even greater African vibe with sculptures and wall art depicting African people. Some African sculptures feature familial scenes of unity and warmth, making them the perfect addition to your display space. Experiment with pops of color reflective of African fabrics: orange, green, teal, blue and purple. Play with geometric and tribal designs for visual interest. Versed as you are now in safari decorating ideas, you’ll have no trouble putting your own personal spin on this lush style.

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african safari bedroom decor
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