Design your bedroom for a good night sleep

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Design your bedroom

Have you ever been in a room that looks right? Nine times out of ten, it is because it has a simple design that works well. But creating a simple design is harder than it looks – especially in the bedroom.

Why? Because every room should really have a bed in it. And the bed was big and clumsy, and dictate the placement of any object in the room. But if you’re lucky enough space to plan from scratch or renovate existing room, you can control the other elements and create a space that is practical and beautiful.

Room shown here provides this enterprise with panache. Even if you do not have great views, access to the outdoors or a lot of room to work with the principles that embody and demonstrate the simplicity that can inspire your room design project.

Since the room is a single room in the home, it is often overlooked. A first step is the design of a large room with a plan that is effective and well designed that gives you everything you want – no matter how much space you start with.

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  1. The simple circulation. Try to keep the traffic on one side of the room. Hotel did a great job of this. There’s a reason 90 percent of the structure have the same floor plan: because it is simple and it works.

Traffic plan becomes a bit ‘more difficult with the result of the game (room with bath) or a room that has a door to the outside.

To save space, consider where you will find a bathroom and a closet in the bedroom. The rooms have a bathroom or access to the toilet before sleeping area requires more space (see picture left). If you set the flow so that the bathroom and closet accessible through the bedroom (the map to the right), you do not have a separate room, and you can add space to the movement of the piece for him to feel great, too.

  1. Focus on the view. Rooms always feel better when the first thing you hear is a nice window view – contrary to the view looking directly at the bed If you are planning a new bedroom or rework old, trying to come up with a layout that focuses on view – whether it’s something amazing as a lake or as simple as your backyard.
  2. Keep in mind privacy. It ‘s always nice when you can leave the bedroom door open without removing all your privacy. Small house in this example provides separation from the family room. I always try to avoid designing the layout where you look directly into the chamber space more common, as the living room, kitchen or family room is great.

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